illegal rubbish dumping Auckland

illegal rubbish dumping in Auckland has become a major headache for the Auckland city council more so in the south of Auckland places like Manakau and Manurewa.Residents have been asked to play their part by police and council as this effects everyone who pays rates.
If you see anyone dumping rubbish illegally take down their number plate time of incident and if possible description of the person or persons and call Auckland city council on 09 3010101.
little do people know that so much rubbish can be recycled through many agency’s through out Auckland like paper reclaim  car removal  scrap metal recyclers to name a few this will help dramatically to reduce rubbish costs  when taken to land fills or transfer stations its said 90% of rubbish taken to land fill can be recycled.

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Rubbish Recycling

Some handy facts on how long every day items take to break down in landfill.
1. plastic bags 500- 1000 years  
2 Glass bottles up to 1,000,000 years
3 Plastic bags up to 1,000,000 years
4 Aluminum drinking cans 250 years 
5 Plastic bottles 100- 450 years 
6 Card board up to 3 months 
7.Computers around 2000 years
From the list above  all these items can be recycled and not end up in landfill by doing our own little bit we can try to keep our planet healthy. Are you are unsure about what you can or can’t recycle in your rubbish? then contact your local council.

Skips Auckland

Skips  Auckland 
Some important tips when considering using and filling a bin if your skip bin has two doors at the front for closing once you have filled the skip to around half way you may wont to check that you can still close booth doors asthere’s nothing worse then filling a skip bin to the top and finding out that you cant lock the doors due to rubbish sticking out and having to take some rubbish out  this can be very time consuming.  
Some of the larger skip bins can weight around 1 tonn so when the skip truck driver delivers your skip ask him if it is likely to damage or scratch your driveway some times it may be easier to have the skip bin placed on a grass verge even if its means  a little longer distance for you to carry your rubbish to the skip bin.
if you are in the Auckland city CBD district you may wont to check with Auckland city council to see if you need a skip hire permit  .   
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All  skip trucks are designed to get up small driveways and take away your rubbish fast and effectively.Just indicate to the driver the rubbish that you would like to go in to the skip bin and they will load it  for you. Hazardous materials please let the driver know so we can best advise as there are specific skips we can recommend .  Fast online quote click  or  call  customer services 0800386763.
*Hard fill skips*
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Our skips trucks are designed to make rubbish removal simple & stress free


Auckland rubbish removal service
Call 0800 386763  for a fast rubbish removal service.All rubbish removed or recycled  no skip or trailer hire needed.for removal costs click here.
Got hazardous waste call your local council
Waitakeri city council  09 836 8000
Auckland city council  09 379 2020
Rodney city council    09 426 5169
Manakau city council  09 263 7100

Rubbish Bins Auckland


 Rubbish bins Auckland
Need a rubbish bin in Auckland but don’t have the access or the room for the rubbish bin to be placed.0800 dump me rubbish removal service can remove that problem for you.No more loading skips or rubbish bins in the cold or having to get wet in the rain you can now spend your time relaxing .This quick load an removal service will take away your rubbish no matter where its located.With a fleet of trucks covering the Auckland area rubbish removal becomes simple.
office junk,builders rubbish,Garden waste all removed & recycled where possible.Vist or free call  them on  0800386763.
Rubbish bins Auckland cover the greater Auckland area.