Bed removal & disposal service Auckland

Updating your old bed to a new one or just looking to dispose of it? if you have a Single,Double,Queen,or king size bed you can call 0800 dump me rubbish removal service on 0800 386763 we will come to your property and remove it for you fast and easy in most cases on the same day of you calling.
Call 0800 386 763 and talk to one of our operators. 

Auckland Rubbish Removal Hobsonville & Whenupai

Auckland Rubbish Removal 
Storms hit Auckland causing damage and devastation to many parts mainly out in West Auckland area Hobsonville & Whenupai
if you are affected in the first instance we recommend that you contact emergency services 111 or local council 09 301 0101 for any immediate assistance (I.e.) fire or unsafe electrical damage.
Rubbish and debris has been blown around and strong winds have caused  houses and carports roofs fences and the like to be unstable we recommend that you use caution when in and around unsafe structures if you are able to remove rubbish and debris out of the way or to one side we recommend that you do so to stop any further injury or damage.
0800 Dump me rubbish removal service will have an emergency service running for customers should they need any assistance or advice removing rubbish in the Auckland area call 0800 386763 or
Further heavy rain and winds have been forecasted over the next 48 hours so we recommend that you fasten down any objects or items that are likely to get  blown around.

Flood & fire waste disposal Auckland

Cleaning up and removing waste after a fire or flood  can be very stressful and sometimes time consuming.0800 dump me rubbish removal has a service in place to take those worries away.

Flood and fire damage items need to be removed off site as soon as possible to eliminate the on set of  mould&odorous smells.Items that have been damaged by flood or fire we take away off site and dispose of fast.We can also provide you with recorded documentation should you need it for insurance claims.



lifting of wet carpet, remove damaged furniture, machinery,electrical appliances, demolition, mould removal, removal of all types of waste/debris even hazardous,securing the premises& cordoning off if need be to stop unwonted persons re entering the site due to health/safety. 

whether its a small residential garage  or a large commercial premises we can  assist you.      

 We Work along side major insurance companies to bring you a fast professional stress free service. 

Call Today  0800 386 763    and speak to our friendly team.

Rubbish Disposal Auckland

Rubbish Disposal Auckland
New Zealand has about 100 closed landfills and close to 100 open ones.
In the past these have just been holes in the ground where we through our rubbish,
but now most modern landfills minimise damage to the environment.
Some modern landfills have been designed to collect leachate liquid
that seeps out the bottom and to collect the greenhouse gas methane,
that is created when the organic matter decomposes.this means that new landfills are much
more expensive to operate than in the past,so it is important we put as little in as possible.
The landfill is the best place for the rubbish that is left after using the  the 3 (Rs) Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.
Especially if the alternative you are considering are burning or burying,as these create a much bigger
environmental problems.
Auckland junk removal service will stop at your property check out prices  

Junk Removal Auckland

  Summers here and Christmas is just around the corner now’s a great time to clean up and chuck all the unwonted junk and rubbish from around your home or business, from December 2011 to January  28th  2012 dump me rubbish removal service will be putting on extra services and staff  to cater for the Christmas rush.Any junk or rubbish  that needs taking away old furniture, white ware, house junk anything other then hazardous materials can be picked all the rubbish goes in to the truck and gets taken away and recycled or disposed of in an environmentally safe way.We try to provide a same day service but due to demand this is not always possible.
For times & charges Call  0800 386 763  

Fence removal & Concrete wall removal Auckland

Wooden fences- concrete stone or brick walls taken down and removed off of your property fast, if the access on your property  is not so great we can find a solution to get around it Auckland wide service. 
Call 0800 386763 visit


Rubbish Removal Manukau

Rubbish Removal Manukau

Rubbish & Junk removal service click or call 0800 386763

The closest rubbish removal tips to Manukau are  located at 33 Neals Rd East Tamaki tel 09-2738080 and Wiri station rd East tamaki 09 250 0214.

If your wheelie bin used for house hold rubbish collection has been damaged  broken or stolen you can contact Auckland city council formally Manaku city council on 09 2625104 and they can arrange for a replacement..   

Rubbish Recycling

Some handy facts on how long every day items take to break down in landfill.
1. plastic bags 500- 1000 years  
2 Glass bottles up to 1,000,000 years
3 Plastic bags up to 1,000,000 years
4 Aluminum drinking cans 250 years 
5 Plastic bottles 100- 450 years 
6 Card board up to 3 months 
7.Computers around 2000 years
From the list above  all these items can be recycled and not end up in landfill by doing our own little bit we can try to keep our planet healthy. Are you are unsure about what you can or can’t recycle in your rubbish? then contact your local council.

Commercial Rubbish Removal

This Service will remove commercial waste from shops,office blocks,schools,colleges,shopping malls,factories,ect
Covering the Auckland CBD and Major commercial districts whether your relocating,closing down,having a tidy up,renovating your premises,chucking out old junk,disaster relief,flooding or fire damage clean up, demolition removal, No job to big or small call 0800 386 763 for prices visit

Skips Auckland

Skips  Auckland 
Some important tips when considering using and filling a bin if your skip bin has two doors at the front for closing once you have filled the skip to around half way you may wont to check that you can still close booth doors asthere’s nothing worse then filling a skip bin to the top and finding out that you cant lock the doors due to rubbish sticking out and having to take some rubbish out  this can be very time consuming.  
Some of the larger skip bins can weight around 1 tonn so when the skip truck driver delivers your skip ask him if it is likely to damage or scratch your driveway some times it may be easier to have the skip bin placed on a grass verge even if its means  a little longer distance for you to carry your rubbish to the skip bin.
if you are in the Auckland city CBD district you may wont to check with Auckland city council to see if you need a skip hire permit  .   
Rubbish Removal prices Click or call customer services
0800 386 763  
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